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Thelocation from space is somewhat remote, eachtime confurther development conditions are improving, for the moment there are only approximately 1kilometer dedirt road, so we recommend handling alert y enfirst.

If you visit us by public transport, arriving at Bernalhead over towards the inns of the peña de Bernal (Base) near tomaaddress toward "el Puerto" where you can find themodule  access through the wooden doorbehind of the spring of the Port.

Friday to Sunday 


From Monday to Friday Notify us of your visit by whatsapp, sms or call to receive you without problems!


Chichidho, known address.
San Antonio de la Cal, Querétaro Mexico.



Cancellations, Events & Dep Admin.

Tel & Whatsapp:          _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        10am /6pm

+52- 442 344 2285 or +52- 442 359 4437


All the information public that you require is on our site, we have limited time and personnel, help us to read everything and communicate only in essential cases.


Reservations only by the search engine. 

For Doubts, Comments and suggestions contact us with the form below.

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