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At Chichidho we like to meet people, collaborate and learn from others, ..................................... .......; For this reason, we seek the possibility of working with a growing number of volunteers, who agree with our objective ideals and offer availability to learn and serve the needs of the space and its operation.


First of all we ask you to have visited our space a minimum of 3 nights in any of our alternatives in order to participate as a volunteer, we request this so that you have the freedom to know the space and enjoy the space before start the weeks of integration.  

we handle 2 types of exchanges,  

In both cases, the work to be carried out is diverse, in the different areas of our reserve: maintenance, reception, gardens, orchard, apiary project, workshop, guest service, among other activities which in some cases they depend on the qualities that you can contribute more easily. 

Volunteering 1. A basic exchange of 5 hours of work, for a stay in the camping area and you will be assigned tasks according to daily needs.

Food is on your own, although we provide some essentials, you can buy what you need in the town of Bernal (approximately 40 minute walk).


Volunteering 2.   In greater commitment and integration with a minimum of 8 hours of support, you will be assigned increasingly important tasks and responsibilities in the operation and you will be able_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ hospedarte en una cama dentro de nuestro dormitorio compartido para el staff y los  alimentos se proporcionaran en cocina principal.  


At the moment the length of the stay is defined under your needs and possibilities, we ask for a minimum stay of 3 weeks to define the approximate length of your stay in order to plan and coordinate the weekly tasks as well as possible.

and a guarantee of $1,000 that will cover a minimum part of the expenses and charges of your trial stay during the first weeks in case of non-compliance with the requirements of_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_support and personal tasks or insufficient contribution. in satisfactory case it will be returned to you with your ID on your departure.

Visit 3 days prior to the facilities


We ask all participants availability of service to support current needs, 

What should I bring for my stay in Chichido?


  • Tent house (volunteer 1)

  • Sleeping bag

  • The climate is extreme, in the morning and at night it is cold, and the day is very sunny and hot. We recommend you bring warm clothing and also light clothing.

  • The fall and winter months are very cold. Bring appropriate clothing, as the temperature drops to  -3 ºC.

  • Cap/sun hat. During spring and summer, the days are very sunny.

  • Sunscreen. During spring and summer, the days are very sunny.

  • Sandals, shoes/boots for work and shoes/tennis for walking.

  • Front lamp. Very useful since we only have electricity in the common area and until 11 pm.

  • Battery to recharge your devices. We have limited electricity so a battery will be useful.

  • Basic items for personal use such as shampoo, bath soap, moisturizing cream, sanitary towels, toothpaste. We support and applaud the use of organic and non-disposable products (cloth sanitary napkins, menstrual cup, among others). Remember that the town of Bernal where you can buy things is a 2-kilometer walk away, approximately. 

Volunteer To Do List


Primary (maintenance and operational)

  • Kitchen cleaning and dishes

  • Ignition of water pump for water tank

  • Candles in the bathrooms, hostel.

  • Hostel beds and veils.

  • Paper in the bathrooms.

  • Clear table 3 times a day.

  • Pick up cigarette butts and trash from the bathroom at all times.

  • compost

  • Separate garbage and recycling

  • Vasotellas

  • Collection and Filling torches

  • firewood board

  • bathroom cleaning

  • Sale of photos and postcards in the town

  • Promotion on tours and social media

  • Painted white areas (Lime)

  • Raking of camping terraces and parking lots

  • To feed animals

  • Pond cleaning

  • Cleaning and sweeping of terraces

  • Watering of plants and pots (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)

  • Separated from garbage

  • Emptying & Cleaning of garbage cans

  • Cleaning and unclogging of showers


*Note: descending order according to need and priority









Secondary projects or not essential (expansion)

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